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Listed Personnel: 645 (click here to see large crew photo)  Currently reporting Surnames beginnning with D, click the name of the crew member to obtain more detailed information about them. If you see the content icon icon, this indicates additional information and family stories are available.

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Name Rank/Rate/Branch State Country
Dalton, Lionel Sydney Commander (E) NSW AUSTRALIAContent Available
Daniel, Kevin Henry Ordnance Artificer 4th Class VIC AUSTRALIA
Darby, Stanley Maurice Able Seaman WA AUSTRALIA
Daunt, Arthur Robert Stoker NSW AUSTRALIA
Davey, John Stanley Petty Officer Cook VIC AUSTRALIAContent Available
Davies, Sidney John Electrical Artificer WA AUSTRALIA
Davis, Stanley Roy Leading Seaman NSW AUSTRALIAContent Available
Davis, Thomas Edgar Lieutenant NSW AUSTRALIA
De Forest, McAdam Carruthers Stoker VIC AUSTRALIA
De Gracie, John Philip Ordinary Seaman WA AUSTRALIAContent Available
Deacon, William Frank Able Seaman VIC AUSTRALIA
Deane, Wallace Bertram Ordinary Seaman NSW AUSTRALIA
Dee, Thomas Leading Steward NSW AUSTRALIAContent Available
Dempster, Herbert James Stoker VIC AUSTRALIA
Devereux, Eric Gordon Able Seaman WA AUSTRALIAContent Available
Dhu, Lionel Edward Able Seaman NSW AUSTRALIA
Diews, Bernard Albert Able Seaman NSW AUSTRALIAContent Available
Dimmock, Donald Charles Able Seaman NSW AUSTRALIA
Dix, Gordon Kenneth Acting Leading Stoker WA AUSTRALIAContent Available
Dixon, Thomas Charles Leading Stoker WA AUSTRALIA
Dobson, Herbert Hartfield Able Seaman WA AUSTRALIA
Dodds, Richard Leading Aircraftsman NSW AUSTRALIA
Doxey, Alexander Harold Able Seaman WA AUSTRALIAContent Available
Doyle, Edward Francis Able Seaman SA AUSTRALIA
Drake, Albert Reginald Able Seaman VIC AUSTRALIA
Drake, John Richardson Stoker VIC AUSTRALIA
Duncan, Emmanuel Robert Thomas Supply Assistant VIC AUSTRALIAContent Available
Dundon, Stephen Able Seaman NSW AUSTRALIAContent Available
Dunin, Thomas Steward VIC AUSTRALIA
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Note: Information provided in this Honour Roll is based on the best available knowledge, and may be updated from time to time.

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